#924: 2013, Arc & Stones, Silence

by Ray_North on August 25, 2014

Let’s have some contemporary rock and roll – and why not a bit of American group, Arc & Stones.

Proper Rock’n’Roll band this – check them out, all hair and sunglasses, guitars and soaring anthemic choruses – marvellous.

I wouldn’t say that they were particularly original – you can definitely hear The Black Keys in there, but, hell, why not, after all, Rock and Roll is pretty much a re-hash of an old idea again and again. I like this song though, nice, opening guitar riff leading up to a good loud, thumping chorus, which is a must for a song called, ‘Silence.’

And, as Jackie is wondering around America at the moment, I can inform you, that the front man is from Brooklyn, they met at University in Miami and they are now based in Nashville.

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