Week 30: Hero – Steve Way

by George_East on July 27, 2014

This Week’s Hero of the Week Award goes to marathon runner Steve Way for showing that there is hope for all of ushero_icon2

Today Steve Way came a very creditable 10th in the Commonwealth Games marathon on Glasgow. In doing so in a personal best time of 2hrs 15mins and 16 seconds.   Not bad at all for a bloke over 40.   Indeed his time was a British record over 40’s men’s record.     He was the first Englishman home (being pipped by one place by Scot, Derek Hawkins who came in ninth).  He was even leading the field at 10k.

What is even more extraordinary is that this was the first major championships he has run in for his country.   You see Steve was not exactly the career professional sportsman that most elite athletes inevitably are these days.  There was no hot housing from a young age for him.  Oh no.

In fact a mere 7 years ago Steve was a 20 a day, hard drinking, 16 ½  stone obese couch potato, with high blood pressure.  It was only a result of him deciding to run the London marathon on a whim in 2006 and finding himself running a surprisingly good time that he took up distance running seriously at all.

Watching Steve burst into tears as he crossed the line and declare that it was his best day ever, it made think that there is hope yet for those of us who are perhaps less than active, who perhaps drink a little more than we should and eat a little less healthy that we know is right.

You never know the 2018 Commonwealth Games in could yet see an allthatsleft 1, 2, 3 if we put down the pint and put on the running shoes.   Given its being held on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, there may even be a little more incentive than the rainy streets of Glasgow (with all due apologies to Charlie East-West).

Way to go Steve.

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