Week 29: Villain – Benjamin Netanyahu

by Jackie_South on July 20, 2014

Netanyahu_villainOur panel has bestowed our Villain of the Week award to Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu

This is the fourth time that Prime Minister Netanyahu has picked up our weekly award for being the greatest villain of the last seven days. Each time, it has either been for intransigence against the peace process with the Palestinians or violent reprisals that far exceed the preceding grievance.  This week yet again illustrates the latter: this is not an eye for an eye, this is a head for an eyelash.

348 Palestinians have been killed in the attacks over the last fortnight. A further 2,700 have been wounded. the UN refuge agency reports that 63,000 have been rendered homeless created by the Israeli attacks and have sought sanctuary in their shelters. To date, the only Israelis killed have been 17 soldiers whilst the vast majority of Palestinians killed have not had any role in the fighting. Indeed, many have been children.

Yet, Netanyahu has the gall to say that all the 348 killed were the responsibility of Hamas. Not me, guv, I only fired the rockets, drove the tank, pulled the trigger. He even tries to claim some sort of moral high ground in this one-sided slaughter by saying that they give a ten minute warning before a shell hits. That’s ten minutes to move your family, take your most valued possessions and then lose everything else you have worked for or cherished destroyed.

Of course, many of the victims had no such warning. The four children playing on the beach before the bomb killed them, shown in before and after photos this week, had no such chance. Now that the tanks and troops have moved in, it is clear that there was no such warning for the 62 killed yesterday in the Gaza City suburb of Shujai’iya.

Ah, yes, those tanks and troops. Let us remember that this operation was originally meant to just be the shells and rockets, not boots on the ground. Then, three days ago when the rest of the world was staring aghast at the fate of the passengers of flight MH17, Netanyahu decided that the world looking elsewhere made for a great opportunity to scale things up to minimal criticism.

It looks as if Shujai’iya was a war crime, making Netanyahu a war criminal. His cynicism in his murderous actions this week, tied in with his shoulder-shrugging refusal to take responsibility, make him a truly deserving Villain of the Week.

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Jackie_South July 21, 2014 at 1:47 pm


Palestinian casualties now exceed 500 (source: Gaza health ministry – May be partial, but not refuted by any source). The vast majority are not members of Hamas or any other paramilitary organisation.

Israeli casualties now stand at 20, of which two were not soldiers.

(All from BBC, 11:50am 21 July)


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