Week 29: Prat – Nick Clegg

by George_East on July 20, 2014

LibDem_pratThis Week’s Prat of the Week Award goes to Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal Democrat Leader, Nick Clegg for his party’s laughable u-turn on the bedroom tax

Last week the Lib Dems announced that the supported the repeal of the vindictive and cruel bedroom tax.   This loathsome policy, that seeks to force the poorest out of their longstanding homes for no other reason than to create a wedge on welfare issues with the Labour Party, had according to the Lib Dems been shown to be a failure.

Nick Clegg pointed to the evidence that there were not enough one bedroom social housing properties for those with ‘spare rooms’ to occupy and that tenants were instead going without necessities such as food or getting into debt and rent arrears in order to keep their homes.    This was unacceptable according to the leader of the Lib Dems and he pledged his party to reverse the measure in government.  Of course all of this disaster waiting to happen had been well rehearsed during the bill’s passage through parliament.

Of course this rather overlooked the fact that the only reason this vile policy was on the statute books in the first place was because of the support of his party and that he had voted it in no less than 6 votes in the House of Commons.  Indeed as recently as last year he was making public statements in support of it.

The u turn announced by Nick Clegg did not come with an apology for inflicting this nastiest of policies on the weakest in British society.  Indeed if you had listened to Nick Clegg and his colleagues speaking about it you would not have known that they were part of the very government that had brought the measure forward.  It was, of course, the most naked kind of election positioning as the Lib Dems seek to put distance between themselves and the Tories.   It was met with the derision it deserved.

However this was not all. Within a couple of hours of the spin that the Lib Dems were going to be supporting the repeal of the bedroom tax being all over the Twitter, it turned out that the u turn was  no such thing – instead the Lib Dems are merely going to exempt the disabled from the bedroom tax’s ugly clutches.

For the world’s least convincing and most desperate policy change Nick Clegg is (as is so often) our Prat of the Week.

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