Week 27: Hero – (The late) Geoffrey Dickens

by Ray_North on July 6, 2014

hero_icon2This week’s hero of the week award, goes to the late MP for Littleborough and Saddleworth, Geoffrey Dickens

I have to say that in a list of likely candidates for hero of the week, the roly-poly former Tory MP for Littleborough and Saddleworth, Geoffrey Dickens would not have featured in any way shape or form.

After all, when he was an MP, he was pretty much derided as a figure of fun. Even his own party used to let out an ironic ‘huzzah’ when he lifted his substantial frame from the green benches to make a speech or answer or question.

It appears however, that Dickens was underrated by many of us – it appears that, to his credit, he used his position as an MP to battle against pedophiles, who, he had discovered or believed he had discovered been operating within the confines of Westminster.

He campaigned tirelessly to ban the Pedophile Information Exchange, which, still incredibly, existed in the 1970s and 80s, and also used the cover of Parliamentary Privilege to name a number of active pedophiles.

But, the reason he has been awarded this posthumous award by us, is for the dossiers that he put together which he said at the time, allegedly exposed, ‘big, big names, at the top of Parliament,’ of being involved in a pedophile ring.

At the time, these allegations were dismissed as being the conspiracy theories of a fat bloke – not to be taken seriously. It makes you wonder if this was one of the reasons that Dickens was so derided and patronised by his own party when he was alive (he died in 1995).

The suggestion twenty odd years later is that, perhaps, Dickens was on to something – a proposition that is given some support by the fact that over 100 of the dossiers that he presented to the Home Office and in particular Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, have, mysteriously gone missing.

The idea of pedophile rings being at the heart of Parliament at any time, is odious, the idea of the levers of government being used to cover up the vile actions of some members of the establishment is just as bad. Geoffrey Dickens’ attempts to expose this were sniffed at at the time, but, years later, his campaign can be seen as heroic.

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