#912: 1988, Salt-N-Pepa, Push It

by Ray_North on July 21, 2014

I’m off on my summer hols this Wednesday, and it can’t come soon enough. I’m jaded, faded, pissed off, knackered and utterly devoid of my mojo. One week in the sun should help.

I’m not sure why I’ve picked this song – it reminds me of a time just before University when I was employed as a photographer going round the hotels of the seaside town where I grew up, taking photos of the guests as they ate their evening dinner, which would then be turned into key rings, which I would then deposit back on their tables read for the next day, when, hopefully they would buy them.

It was one in a long line of jobs that I was particularly crap at.

But, my abiding memory, apart from the smell of meat and two veg that would emanate from the kitchens of these hotels was driving around in an Austin Allegro and listening to John Peel as I went from hotel to hotel. Now, it must surely, be time playing a trick on me, but, for some reason, I’ve got it into my head that that summer (twas 1988), Peel played this record quite a lot – I’m sure I’m wrong because it doesn’t really strike me as a Peel classic.

In any event, for some reason, my mind has gone back to that particular time and I felt an odd desire to post this song. It does remain one of those songs with such an outrageously catchy hook that most people will remember it after only a couple of bars.

Take it away girls.

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