Week 26: Prat – Luis Suarez

by Ray_North on June 30, 2014

prat_iconOh dear, this week’s Prat is the Uruguay and Liverpool striker, Luis Suarez.

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear.
What was he thinking?

Ok, Chielini’s play-acting, tripping and cheating as he tried to propel Italy to a rather toothless victory was annoying – but, sigh, what was he thinking.

Because, whatever it was that made him do it, Luis Suarez’s decision to pursue the Italy defender into the box and bite him has got to be up there with one of the prattish acts ever carried out on a football pitch, indeed, in any sporting arena.

It was so blatant. He even rolled around and held his teeth, as though, somehow Chielini’s shoulder was to blame for injuring his teeth.

And, he did it at the World Cup bloody finals – where there are cameras everywhere, literally, everywhere – every pretty Brazillian female fan in a tight top is automatically replayed jumping in slow-motion to celebrate a goal, whilst every kick, trip, sneaky pull and goal celebration is caught by the multitude of cameras. Why did Suarez, who just happens to be probably the most infamous proponent of association football on the planet think he could get away with such an act.

He has without doubt let a lot of people down – he’s let his club manager and the people of Liverpool down, he’s let his international tea mates down, and, I say this without any fear of being accused misplaced hyperbole, he has let his nation down – for the good people of Uruguay, their football is vital to their national psyche, and his absence through self-inflicted suspension was a significantly contributing factor in their defeat in the next round.

He will now be banned from all football until October, which will include the first nine matches of Liverpool’s season – which is personally irksome for those of us who have stuck by this man.

This is the third time that Suarez has decided to sink his gnashers into an opponent’s flesh, and as Oscar Wilde definitely didn’t say, to bite one opponent is unfortunate, but to bite three, well, you’re a prat son.

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