Week 24: Villains – George W Bush and Tony Blair

by George_East on June 15, 2014

villain_icon_v2This Week’s Villains of the Week are former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair and former American President George W Bush

The capture by ISIS of 4 major northern Iraqi cities this week, as the Iraqi Army melted away brought to the attention of an easily distracted western media,– that benighted country remains utterly riven between Shia, Sunni and Kurd.

A deeply sectarian re-election campaign by Iraq’s Shia Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki combined with a corrupt and weak security state, made much of the country easy pickings for the Sunni extremists, ISIS.   This is a group that make Al Queda look moderate.   Fully committed to recreating a 7th century Sunni Caliphate throughout the Muslim world, under strict sharia law.   They see their Shia fellow countrymen as apostates who are to be punished by death.

It is not therefore surprising that Shia clerics in Baghdad and the East of the country have called for Shia militias to assist in defending the hapless and helpless Maliki government from the insurgents.

In the meantime the Kurds have tightened control on the oil rich northern parts of the country.

The central state looks like it is collapsing by the day.  Iran is getting twitchy, as it sees its own national interests under threat by the chaos over the border and seeks to protect its fellow Shias.

This centripetal forces we are seeing this week are the natural and inevitable consequence of the biggest foreign policy mistake since Suez (or possibly Munich) – the invasion of Iraq in 2003.  Prior to 2003 there were no Islamists groups of any size in Iraq.    The problem of an ill thought and illegal invasion is that you set off all kinds of forces you cannot control.

The architects of that invasion were, of course, George W Bush and Tony Blair, who used trumped up accusations of Weapons of Mass Destruction to launch a war cynically taking advantage of the fearful atmosphere following terrible events of 11 September 2001.

The non-threat to the West posed by the Iraq of Saddam Hussein has been replaced by the very real threat of major destablisation and a failed state run by either  Sunni or Shia extremists, or possibly bits of Iraq run by each.    Along the way thousands more are likely to die that the hundreds of thousands who have already died since 2001.

It is for this Tony Blair and George W Bush win our Villain Award this week.  To be fair to George W Bush (not a sentence I write very often) at least the former President has had the good grace to keep quiet this week as events have unfolded.  Tony Blair, on the other hand, has written the most delusional self-justificatory defence imaginable (I am not going to link to it, you can easily find it if you use the google) in which he has denied any link between the Iraq War and  this week’s events and has continued to bang on about (non-existent) Weapons of Mass Destruction.    This has been combined with the most predictable of all calls from El Tony,  a call for military intervention.

Blair is a psychopath.  He should shut up and spend more time with his wealthy dictator friends.

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