Week 24: Prat – Sepp Blatter

by Ray_North on June 15, 2014

prat_iconThis Week’s winner of the Prat Award goes to…. Sepp Blatter, yawn, again.

I was looking forward to writing something that didn’t have anything to do with the blessed World Cup – I mean, love it as much as I do, I have been banging on enough about football.

I was looking forward to a good classic Allthatsleft prat – usually involving a Tory Minister, like Grant Schapps or that ever faithful prat Clegg – but, no! Sepp Blatter had to go and do it again. Not content with winning our coveted villain award a few weeks ago – this time he went and breezed the Prat award with his absurd suggestion that the Sunday Times investigation into FIFA and the decision to award the World Cup in 2022 to Qatar was somehow motivated by racism.


Now, there are those who are long time campaigners against racism – good people, who play a vital role in reminding us of our own prejudices and the institutional prejudice of others; and there are those who, with the best of intentions allude to racism – often because they have been the victim of racism themselves, they are sometimes over-sensitive, but as a white male, who am I to quibble.

Sepp Blatter does not come into either of these camps – for the love of god, Blatter was once the President of an organisation that had as its aim the intention of banning ‘tights’ in favour of ‘stockings’ for women – he is not a crusader for equality.

His cry of racism against the magnificent journalists at the Sunday Times was utterly crass – an attempt to deflect away from the fact that corruption is absolutely endemic amongst FIFA and that the decision to award Qatar the World Cup was crooked.

He has been a figure of fun for some years – and the fact that he was roundly booed by those at UEFA when he announced his intention to stand again for the presidency of FIFA says it all – this man is a prat!

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