Week 23: Prat – Richard Dawkins

by Ray_North on June 9, 2014

prat_iconThis Week’s Prat of the Week is Richard Dawkins.

Once upon a time in a place far away there lived a giant dragon called Ron.

Ron was a very lonely dragon who longed to have lots of friends – but every time Ron tried to make a new friend, people used to run away, because Ron held some very strange views about the world. Don’t run away he would say, with a tear in his big green eye, I only want to talk to you, and perhaps play. But the people were really scared and so they ran away.

Then one day, Ron saw a little boy sitting by the side of the road – the little boy was also crying because he didn’t have any friends either – ‘hello’ said Ron, to the little boy, ‘what’s your name?’ and the little boy replied, ‘Richard.’

‘Why are you crying?’ said Ron the Dragon.
‘Because, I’m really, really brainy,’ said Richard, ‘In fact I’m so brainy, that all my friends have started to find me a bit boring. And they don’t want to play with me any more.’
‘Oh, dear,’ said Ron, ‘well I’ll tell you what, I’ll play with you, and I’ll be your friend.’
‘You!’ exclaimed Richard,’that would be ridiculous, because Dragons don’t exist and if I accept the presence of mythological creatures and eschew the empirical evidence that is brought about through proper scientific analysis of everything, then I won’t be brainy any more, and I won’t be able to say lots of clever things to my friends.’

With that Ron gobbled Richard up.

Dawkins – you may be right in your views about religion and the presence or lack of a god – but, leave story telling alone, the imagination is every bit as important as any other part of the brain!

Stop being a prat!

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Fionauk512 June 10, 2014 at 3:28 pm

I think Dawkins agrees with you ……

“I did not, and will not, condemn fairy tales,” he said. “My whole life has been given over to stimulating the imagination, and in childhood years, fairy stories can do that.”

He added: “What I actually think is that fairy tales can be wonderful. They are part of childhood, they are stretching the imagination of children.”


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