Week 22: Villain – the Courts and Government of Sudan

by George_East on June 2, 2014

Sudan_VillainOur Villain of the Week Award for last week belatedly goes to the Courts and Government of Sudan for their barbaric treatment of Meriam Ibrahim

If ever you wanted to see an example of the poison and irrationality of religion look no further than Sudan’s treatment of Meriam Ibrahim.   She is a Sudanese woman with a Christian mother and a Muslim father, who was raised a Christian.

Her ‘crime’ was to marry a Christian man, as she is considered a Muslim under Sudan’s sharia law code by virtue of her father’s religion.  Marrying a Christian for a Muslim woman is apostasy and therefore punishable by death.  If a death sentence was not enough she was also sentenced to 100 lashes for adultery, even though she had been married for three years.   You see as well as being punishable by death her marriage outside of her religion doesn’t count as a marriage at all and was therefore annulled.

Those of you paying attention may have noticed that Miriam’s father was permitted to marry a Christian woman.  This is because it is only apostasy for a woman to marry outside of Islam according to Sudan’s religious law.  The same prohibition does not apply to men.

To make matters worse (if that is possible) Miriam was heavily pregnant when sentenced and was last week forced to give birth to a child while in shackles.   There were hints over the weekend that given international pressure the Sudanese government would free Miriam.   However, this has since been denied and the death penalty re-confirmed.

100 lashes for having sex with her husband of 3 years.  A death sentence for marrying a  man whose religion is the same as her mother and is the religion she was brought up in.   This kind of thing was villainous in the middle ages.  In the 21st century it  utterly beggars belief.

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Green Christian June 3, 2014 at 5:23 am

It’s rather unfair to describe this as an example of the “poison and irrationality of religion” in general. This is an example of a particular version of a particular religion, and really can’t be generalised beyond that. Those following the more moderate versions of Islam dominant amongst Muslims in the West are as appalled at this as the rest of us.


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