Week 21: Prat – Prince Charles

by Ray_North on May 26, 2014

prat_iconThis week’s Prat of the Week is the Heir to the Throne, Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall and all that….HRH Prince of Wales

Prince of Prat’s more like. Though he’s always had massive prat tendencies. But, I mean, what was he going on about private conversation or not, telling a Canadian woman he’d just met, who had seen her family forced from the pillaging, murdering Nazi bastards in 1939, that Putin was doing the same thing in Russia and the Ukraine.

What! What! What!

Ok, Vlademir Putin does have something of the night about him, and if you were going to draw up a shortlist of leaders most likely to do something really, really bad that could cause many deaths and much suffering – then he would feature prominently. But, to my knowledge, Vlademir Putin has yet to invade his neighbours in an act of all out military aggression; he is yet to set up a process of systematic oppression, torture and destruction of the Jewish race (and others); he is yet to cause a world war – nor, has he actually set up a totalitarian regime.

To compare Vlademir Putin to Hitler is just plain dumb. A lazy remark from a man who I have always got the impression thinks he’s a lot cleverer than he actually is. In short he’s a prat.

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