Week 21: Hero – London

by Jackie_South on May 26, 2014

London HeroThis week, our panel decided to give our regular Hero of the Week prize to the capital city for resisting the allure of UKIP

Whilst the rest of England and Wales bought into UKIP, London by and large stayed immune to their charms. In the European elections, UKIP took 27.5% of the vote, and was scoring in the 30’s in a number of regions. Even 28% of the Welsh voted for them. In London, they could only get slightly less than 17%.  Scotland was more resistant yet (10.5%) but they have still elected their first UKIP MEP.

The story in the locals was similar: whilst the story in the local elections elsewhere was the advance of UKIP, in London it was the victory of Labour. Labour won 1,052 seats, 177 more than in 2010, comprising 57% of all the councillors in London.

In contrast, UKIP have a grand total of 12 (0.7% of all the capital’s councillors). These 12 were restricted to the eastern fringes of the city in boroughs that often like to think they are not London at all: Havering, Bexley and Bromley.

UKIP’s Suzanne Evans had an explanation: on Radio 4 she agreed that they had difficulty appealing to the “well-educated, cultural and young”.

It perhaps feels a little Stalinist to bestow the title “Hero City”on London  (although we have given the ward to a US state and the whole EU in the past). But for being well-educated, cultured and young enough to stick two fingers up at Farage and co this week, London you’ve earned it.

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nino May 26, 2014 at 1:57 pm

perhaps the next Prat award should be a joint one for the leadership of both Tory and Labour for their daft talk of “listening” to what Ukip voters are saying. Voters who purposefully ignore the fact that Farage is a professional EU politician and has had his beak in the EU trough for a decade, employs his wife (putting him on a par with other big party MPs) and like all the rest also has accounting issues, perhaps might not have anything very interesting to say. We need more Beryl Inghams, wife of George Formby, who when the then leader of the Afrikkans Nationalist Party rang her to complain that at the end of one of George’s shows in South Africa (prior to the introduction of apartheid) she had hugged a little black girl who had presented her with some flowers, “diplomatically” replied “Why don’t you piss off you horrible little man?” My thoughts likewise go to Nigel.


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