Prince Charles Should Shut the Fuck Up

by George_East on May 21, 2014

Prince CharlesNot because he compared Putin’s actions in the Ukraine with Hitler – though that is pretty moronic.   However cynical and brutal some of Russia’s actions have been, it really is a far cry from Hitler’s treatment of the same part of the world in the Second World War.

That is not to say that Prince Charles is not entitled to views.  Of course he is.  But what he is not entitled to do, at least while he is heir to the throne, is express those views in public.   His constitutional role depends upon it.   This is something his mother has always understood.    If he wants to descend into the political arena he should renounce his succession.  If he does that he can babble on about whatever political matters he chooses to his heart’s content.

The problem is though that Charles cannot help himself.  There are all of those letters he constantly writes to government departments expressing views on policy, the ones that successive government’s have sought so hard to prevent coming into the public domain, but that the Court of Appeal ordered should be published under the Freedom of Information Act.  There’s the reactionary guff on education and architecture.  The environmental stuff and the new age-y homeopathic nonsense.       As it happens I disagree with 90% of what he says – but even in respect of the 10% where I find myself nodding in agreement, he equally has no entitlement to say it.

The case against Charles is not based on the content of his views but the fact that he expresses them.   Our monarchy is, in my view and infantilising absurdity – a head of state chosen because of blood line is palpable ridiculous in the 21st century – but if we are to have one it must float above politics.   The only possible argument for a constitutional monarchy is that it has no policy role to play and is not involved in political debate.    Walter Bagehot’s dignified part of the constitution soon becomes pretty tawdry if it is simply another vehicle for politics.  And more importantly there is absolutely no mandate or democratic legitimacy underpinning such views.   The constitutional monarchy is, if our system is to work at all, the underpinning of the democratic system not part of the fabric itself.

Sadly sycophancy towards the royals is not confined to the BBC.  British politicians feel compelled to intervene whenever Charles unconstitionally opens his mouth to defend ‘his right to express his views’.  This was exactly what that prime moron, Nick Clegg, did today.  Yet this is the one Charles does not have.  In fact his duty is not to do so.

It is long overdue that Charles was told that he should shut the fuck up.

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Geoff Elliott May 22, 2014 at 3:36 pm

That’s you fucked for a New Year’s Honour George. There’s no misinterpreting that!


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