#899: 1960, Roy Orbison, Only The Lonely (Know The Way I Feel)

by George_East on May 27, 2014

As we approach our 900th song, surely one of the biggest and most embarrassing omissions from Songs To Learn and Sing thus far, is the Big O, Roy Orbison.  Those shades, the black, that extraordinary multiple octave voice, the drama of his songs at their best as he sat on the border between rock n roll and lounge crooner, he was a totally unique artist. 

His earlier pure rockabilly numbers on Sun never really completely convinced but once he was willing to do what he did best – the big strings and orchestral arrangements with his incredibly expressive voice floating above, he couldn’t help but become a superstar.

This is probably his best known song after Pretty Woman but it demonstrates his vocal range brilliantly.  It is a song that takes me back to being a young boy growing up with the Big O on the record player at home.   Utter utter genius.

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