Week 17: Villain – Tony Blair

by Ray_North on April 28, 2014

villain_icon_v2This week’s villainous villain is the former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Bloody hell, it’s now come to a stage where the very presence of Tony Blair makes my blood boil. I only have to hear his supremely confident tones and I feel my hand itching for a non-existent revolver.

Last week he decided to make a speech about the Middle East. He did so in the tones of elder-statesman with a lot to say; he did so in his capacity as former Prime Minister, war leader, Christian and UN Envoy in the Middle East.

As was almost always the way with Tony Blair, he made his speech to an audience of fawning party faithful and, as has become the way, the subtext of it was his desperate attempts to justify the actions that he and George W Bush took in the aftermath of 9/11.

For Blair, international diplomacy is about the ‘good guys’ and the ‘bad guys.’ For a clever man his analysis of international events and his inability to even ask himself the question – ‘why are the bad guys prepared to be bad,’ is infuriating; it has, perhaps, at its heart, the arrogant faith that epitomised his premiership and, sadly, much of what New Labour did.

In his speech, Tony Blair spoke of the failure of the West in Libya and Syria, he accused Western leaders of failing to intervene, saying that the West ‘must take sides.’Well, ok, I might agree with him to the extent that the West can’t and shouldn’t ignore what is going on the Middle East and beyond, but, alas, for Blair, taking sides, has meant invasion, taking sides has meant unmanned drone attacks, taking sides has meant Guantanamo Bay and the total mess that is now Iraq and Afghanistan.

Who’s side is Blair on in Palestine? He is supposed to be the UN Envoy, he was the man who unveiled in 2008 another road map for peace in the region, yet, only last week – Netanyahu disengaged from peace talks as his government continues to oppress the Palestinians whose land they took.

His analysis of Islam and Islamic fundamentalism is so elementary its verging on bonkers – it basically says, ‘the bad Muslims are really bad and we have to do something about that.’ Yep, nice one Tony, that should do the trick – how about, use that religious neo-conservative bullshit to invade their lands and steal their oil and allow American multi-nationals to make a load of money out of it

And as for his comments about Egypt – did it simply slip his mind, that the Egyptian government that he wants us to side with recently condemned 500 members of the Muslim Brotherhood to death, for, well, for being members of the Muslim Brotherhood? Are they the good guys Tony? Because if they are, I don’t ever want to meet the bad ones.

Tony Blair has become an embarrassing villain whose diplomatic inadequacies (others use the term War Crimes) have led to thousands and thousands of deaths, the complete destabilisation of a whole region and an increased not diminished number of terrorists. In the twenty first century, there is no place for crusades.

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Geoff Elliott April 28, 2014 at 11:49 am

I half expected Jose Mourinho to be this week’s villain given his tactics yesterday. However, I have to reluctantly doff my cap in his direction and say it’s effective if not pretty.

As for Blair, well, suffice to say if he was on fire and I needed to relieve myself I’d find a urinal somewhere else. Has ever before in history one man let down so many?


Alx W April 28, 2014 at 5:25 pm

Blair has turned into one of those character, who when presented with the failure of his plans, will claim they only failed because not enough of what he wanted was done. If only we did more of what he did everything would be fixed, it is our failure to not recognise this and continue his interventionist strategy that is creating the problems we continue to see. It is an infallible argument and hence his conned delusional self confidence. Not sure if he has enough influence to be a villain, has he made himself so un-influential that really this must be the feted prat award?


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