Week 17: Prat – UKIP

by George_East on April 29, 2014

Last Week’s Prat of the Week Award goes to UKIP for proving at every turn that they are exactly as stupid, nuts and dishonest as we always suspectedUKIP_Prat

Firstly apologies for this post being a little late, as a result of the small (but perfect) matter of a major life changing event intervening.

Now on to the main event, the prat of the week award.

For all that Nigel Farage keeps trying to protest otherwise just about everything that UKIP does, and just about everyone who fronts for the party, only goes to confirm all of our innate suspicions about them.  As the other parties run scared of the predictable surge in UKIP support in the polls as the Euro elections approach, it is hard to know, at this point, whether to be truly terrified or just point and laugh.   There was plenty of the latter last week.

The ‘ordinary British builder’ used in the UKIP party election broadcast turn out to be, surprise surprise, an out and out racist and amusingly given his fears that Johnny foreigner is taking British jobs,  an immigrant from Zimbabwe.  Poster boy and council candidate, Andre Lampitt’s racist tweets were so appalling  that once exposed even Farage’s party had little choice but to suspend him.  He opined that Ed Miliband wasn’t British but Polish (ah yes the East European other, now what could  possibly be suggested by  th
at?), expressed the view that all Muslims were animals and that Africans should be left to kill themselves (it was less clear whether he was applying this suggestion to himself).

UKIP’s difficulty in finding authentic British builders for their authentic British born worker based election campaign continued with the hard hatted worker being used on the anti-EU immigration worker UKIP poster, is, er Irish.    A further ‘worker’ used in the UKIP election broadcast turned out to be paid UKIP worker.

Then to top it all off the delightful UKIP council candidate, William Henwood, suggested that Lenny Henry should move to a country with ‘a lot of blacks’ if he was concerned about the under representation of non-white in the creative industries.  Henwood has since resigned.   You get the feeling that at the current rate that there may not anyone left in UKIP other than Nigel Farage by the time of the next election.

Day by day UKIP expose themselves as the bunch of fruitcakes, loons and racists that they are. For now I am going to keep pointing and laughing as for all the odiousness of his views, prime moron like Lampitt and Henwood are difficult to take too seriously.   The terrifying thing is that they could well get more than 30% of the vote in the Euro elections.

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