Week 16: Hero – Caroline Lucas MP

by Ray_North on April 20, 2014

Green_HeroThis week’s hero of the week is the Green MP Caroline Lucas.

You can become a hero in the eyes of the Allthatsleft team for the most obscure and wide-ranging acts – in the past people have been awarded the accolade for great sporting feats, great acts of moral courage or just for doing something clever – what we really like though, what really gets our juices flowing are selfless and principled political stands – because, after all we are predominantly a political website.

This week saw the culmination of one such act of true political bravery when Caroline Lucas Britain’s only Green MP was acquitted of a public order offence following a protest outside the proposed Fracking site at Balcombe.

Now I confess that I don’t know everything that there is to know about Fracking, but I do know that Ms. Lucas is a wonderful MP, brave, articulate, principled and clever, and in a world where politicians are at best anodyne and at worst down right duplicitous those qualities are worth their weight in gold.

Ms. Lucas believes that fracking is harmful to the environment because of the carbon emissions that accompany it – she also points out that the energy companies are lying to us about the effects of fracking because they know that if they are allowed to pursue this rape of our lands they stand to make a massive amount of cash. Her decision to protest against the energy companies and fracking therefore was not an act of public disorder, but a proper and profound exercise of her deeply held beliefs and her right to express them.

On these pages we applaud politicians with beliefs and principles, especially when they happen to be right, and we remain appalled when the state tries to use the force of the criminal justice system to stifle those who are daring to say what most politicians, newspapers, civil servants and businessmen are to scared or too stupid to say.

Caroline Lucas we applaud you and we’re happy that this is the second positive piece about The Greens we’ve written in the space of two days.

(oh, and if any Green activists need a bit of legal advice following a legitimate protest, don’t hesitate to contact me!)

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