Week 15: Villain – Benjamin Netanyahu

by Ray_North on April 14, 2014

villain_icon_v2This Week’s villain is the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

Bibi Netanyahu is no stranger to this award – and the reason for that s because he is a regressive, war mongering bully who appears hell-bent on keeping the Middle East in a state of perpetual and violent civil unrest.

You hope that one day Palestinians and Israelis will be able to sort it out – I know, it’s a fanciful notion and I am just a naive Welsh boy who doesn’t really understand the massive weight of history that accompanies the issue of Israel and Palestine.

But, if i know anything – I know that in issues of international conflagration, diplomacy and dialogue are absolutely everything. The case in point, of course, being the dialogue between Downing Street and the IRA prior to the peace process in Northern Ireland.

And there is room for manoeuvre in Palestine, there are ways in which peace can be negotiated if both sides were able to put to onside their hatred and their religious and racial intolerance and look at the matters in a more objective way – indeed when one consider the last thirty years, there have been moments when peace has seemed close, such as the Camp David Accord and the Oslo Accord, and even George W Bush’s road map led somewhere.

But, as I’ve already said, pivotal to these moments, indeed pivotal to any peace is dialogue. This week Benjamin Netanyahu has ended dialogue with the Palestinians because he sees their attempts to join the UN as ‘provocative’ – how stupid is this man? Can he not see that if he wants to have a peaceful and respectable neighbour in Palestine then he should be doing everything he can to encourage them into the warm bosom of the UN.

Of course, Benjamin Netanyahu is not stupid, he is a villain, he has no interest in an ongoing dialogue with the Palestinians, he has no interest in bringing an end to the Middle East crisis any time soon – he knows that for a hawkish politician like him a state of constant crisis and perpetual war is good. And so, he is happy to keep it going, happy to continue to do nothing to assist in bringing about peace – and for that villainy, he wins our award for this week.

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