‘Jimmy Saville Claims’ – giving lawyers an even worse name.

by Ray_North on April 22, 2014

Unknown-2Lawyers are not the most revered people in society – most people think that we’re either horrible heartless bastards who go around defending the worst people of the most unthinkable crimes, or else, we’re money grabbing parasites who earn from people’s misfortune.

I’ve spent a lot of time on these pages trying to point out how important it is that we have experienced and expert lawyers who know how to properly ensure that when people are in trouble they are able to put their case forward in a Court in the best possible way.

I see my job as a criminal barrister as being more than just a career and fairly (though diminishing) well paid job, I do see it as a privilege because people put their trust in me. There are plenty of times when I have given advice to a client that is against my own financial best interests – but (and I apologise if i’m sounding sanctimonious here), I, just like every other barrister I know, do it without hesitation, if that advice is right.

Sadly, things are changing and lawyers are currently doing everything they can to become the whorish demons of popular perception – in my side of the law, crime, solicitors now fight tooth and nail for every client by going into prisons and offering prisoners ‘perks’ such as trainers or phone-cards or, worse, ridiculous promises of bail if they switch their legal aid representation to them.

Whilst in the civil courts, solicitors, together with insurers are filling their boots with iffy personal injury claims.

This morning a couple of firms of solicitors put adverts in the newspapers urging anyone who believes that they may have a claim against ‘Jimmy Saville’ to come forward. I read it and sighed deeply. My sigh became a growl when someone from one of these firms came on the radio and said that they were providing a service by helping these ‘victims’ to obtain closure – what a load of bollocks.

Child abuse and sexual abuse is a crime, it is not an excuse to make money and these firms should hang their heads in shame. If someone feels that they have been sexually assaulted or abused they should make their complaint to the police and allow them to investigate it. Sure, if there comes a time when that person should be compensated for the hurt and damage that they have suffered – then, of course, I wouldn’t deny them that. But, to turn sexual abuse into a profit making industry for unscrupulous lawyers is an obscenity.

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Mark April 22, 2014 at 4:19 pm

I have had “disagreements” with the Police all of my adult life. Never fought anything, they said because they were not that important to me, I was busy, didn’t want to spend the money by going to Crown court. In the last few years, I was put in a coma on the road. As usual, the Police said it was my fault. My lawyers fought and won for me, which was good because I can’t work again, and they got my compensation for me. Before and after this accident, I was attacked in our “safe, peaceful” society. On both occasions I fought back and won. Unfortunately, our “intelligent, professional (lazy, stupid)” cops wanted me put away, the last time for up to seven years. (doesn’t matter I am a cripple, or that I was forced to defend myself) I had to fight them too. In court, as usual, my lawyers wanted me to plead guilty. I refused, and my testimony on both occasions got me “not guilty” descisions. The point is, the Police are only interested in one thing, “guilty”. The lawyers are only interested in their pay. No-one in these professions cares in any way in Justice. Not the politicians either, who despite making sure the USA is our no.1 ally, do not allow us to defend ourselves, and enjoy the freedom to continue living like the US allows their citizens. (they are all ex-lawyers, interested in the cash) The only people I can say had Justice as their goal were the two Judges, who actually LISTENED to me. God Bless them. The others are without doubt total scum. (The Police are know as the filth. Can we think of a name for the lawyers?


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