#886: 1990, ACDC, Thunderstruck

by Ray_North on April 22, 2014

Malcolm Young guitar hero at the helm of ACDC is, apparently too ill with dementia to perform live again, and as such ACDC have retired.

I think that’s a tragedy. Alright, they may not have changed the face of rock and roll in the way that other bands who we eulogise on these pages have; nor have they captured the mood of a nation’s youth or articulated a particularly important and significant feeling or event – but, damn it, they rocked.

In fact, ACDC rock like no other – fast, furious guitars and drums, unapologetically masculine lyrics that Spinal Tap would have been proud of and a brilliant fan base, ACDC were what they were, they never strayed far from their roots and they never ever postured or sold out in an attempt to make money.

I bloody love this song. The guitar riff intro followed by the crowd-pleasing roar of ‘na-na-na-nah-nah-na’ is just amazing. It is a pure crowd-pleasing burst of energy – and, isn’t that what rock and roll is in part all about – that outpouring of powerful emotion that comes with guitars and drums and screams and allows you to escape the reality of the mundane. I play it to my boys as an antidote to the limp-wristed crap that they hear on the radio.

Malcolm Young, I hope that the gods of rock shine upon you.

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