#883: 2014, Brody Dalle ft Shirley Manson, Meet the Foetus/ Oh The Joy

by Jackie_South on April 17, 2014

I’ve not had as much time as I would like to listen to much new stuff of late, meaning that the list of new albums I need to buy is steadily growing. It will be getting longer still at the end of the month, when Body Dalle’s first solo album, Diploid Love, comes out.

I’ve a lot of time for Dalle: those gravelly, raspy lyrics (I’ve previously suggested that she must have poured whiskey on her cornflakes daily since the age of three to have developed that voice) and that ballsy, take-no-prisoners stagger. But surely the twelve intervening years since the peak of The Distillers, two children and becoming blonde might have mellowed her?

If anything, Meet the Foetus suggests that having given birth twice may just have made her lyrics a bit more twisted. Mixing impending motherhood, self-harm and class A drugs?

Every night I burn holes in your eyes
LSD, I know I go in disguise
Organ mouse, silk blood spouse
Ex-sanguinate the fears

Vividly disturbing, uncompromising stuff.

That said, stonking track. Particularly so three minutes in, when she and Shirley Manson rock out the ‘Oh The Joy’ section. Two former enfants terribles rocking it out good and proper.

I’ve a feeling that graceful respectability is still a few years off for Dalle. A good job too.

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