Week 13: Villain – Chris Grayling

by Ray_North on March 31, 2014

villain_icon_v2This Week’s Villain is the Minister for Justice Chris Grayling.

I really don’t like this man. I mean, really, really don’t like him.

As a Minister he is hell bent on destroying my profession. As a jurist and, effectively, most senior lawyer in the land, I have absolutely no confidence in him – the man is a trumped up clerk, a Tory of the worst kind with no imagination and no soul – he is everything I hate.

This week, I hate him for doing his level best to drive a wedge between those of us who are involved in the Criminal Justice System by allowing barristers a reprieve but totally shafting solicitors – we cannot exist without each other, a clever man who cared about the system of justice in England and Wales would know this.

But, it is not for his continuing one man crusade to destroy legal aid that has earned him our award for villainy – he gets the award for his decision to ban relatives and friends from sending books to inmates in prison.

When I first heard this, I didn’t believe it to be true – in my naive state, I couldn’t believe that anyone could be as stupid and as heartless as to ban books. Prisoners, of course, are a soft target – Grayling doesn’t care a monkey’s about them – he cannot see beyond the archaic view that those who commit crime should be punished. He doesn’t recognise the fact that all crimes, just like all criminals are individual in their nature and in their context.

I deal with crime and criminals. I meet criminals every day. I visit prisons probably once a week. I do not meet intrinsically evil individuals who are undeserving of pity or help, I meet, in the main, individuals who have mental health problems and drug problems; I meet individuals who have made a stupid mistake, and yes, individuals who are bad and ant-social, but, overwhelmingly, I meet individuals who genuinely wish to overcome their problems, rehabilitate themselves and live productive lives.

And books help. Books liberate, books empower.

Ok, not every prisoner is going to get themselves involved in a book – but, every prisoner should have the chance, every prisoner should have the right to use their brains, develop themselves, or just enjoy the fruits of the written word.

Chris Grayling doesn’t see this, Chris Grayling, somehow thinks that by depriving prisoners the right to receive books, he will get them to improve their behaviour – it is a view that is mind-bogglingly short-sighted. It is the view of a true villain.

As I said, I really, really don’t like this man.

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Fionauk512 March 31, 2014 at 8:55 pm

Ray, it is the view of a man who just does not care about anything other than furthering the nasty party’s social agenda. We are all now divided into the deserving and the undeserving, you can guess who goes where! This march of ideology is bereft of humanity or compassion and Graylings contribution is entirely in keeping with the complete lack of appreciation for consequence or common sense. It is a deliberate, wilful neglect of civic responsibility by a man who has been promoted beyond his ability, like so many other ministers.


George_East March 31, 2014 at 9:16 pm

He is, of course, the most senior lawyer in the land without actually being a lawyer, which doesn’t help matters. He hasn’t the first clue about the rule of law and no notion of justice.


Eddie Kaye March 31, 2014 at 9:44 pm

Ray. I agree with every word about Grayling. He is to this goverment what Pele was to the 1970 Brazil side. Whereas however Pele showed the style, grace, poise and skill of that classic team, Grayling embodies the snobbery, ruthlessness, elitist and regressive worst of the coalition.


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