Week 13: Prat – Liverpool City Council

by Jackie_South on March 30, 2014

Prat_chipsThis week, Liverpool City Council wins our regular award for prattishness.

I quite like Liverpool City Council – Joe Anderson seems like a capable council leader. But this week has seen them indulging in some world-class stupidity.

I have to confess not to knowing the city that well, but I have had a few enjoyable nights out there. And of course, after a belly full of beers in the pub there is nothing better than a burger and chips to help soak up the booze.

But not any longer if the council gets its way. To stop litter, they have decided to ban ‘pavement cafes’ from serving people unless it is on a plate with cutlery. Those ‘pavement cafes’ include fast food outlets, chippies, kebab houses and takeaways. Serving in paper or polystyrene is being banned.

No more burger and chips, unless its on a plate and you are using a knife and fork. No fish’n’chips either, no kebabs.

Councillor Nick Small, the councillor responsible for Employment, Enterprise and Skills, defended the move saying “We don’t want people buying chips, eating them outside and  then dropping their litter.”

Well, even if I’m pissed I can find a bin. The decision to ban people eating food with their fingers to stop littering is using a sledgehammer to crack a fairly inconsequential nut.

This kind of knee-jerk bureaucracy comes over as being just a little Small-minded.

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