Week 11: Hero – Tony Benn

by Charlie_East_West on March 16, 2014


This week’s hero is Tony Benn – who died at the age of 88 this week.

Tony Benn was a great politician. He was one of the most radical and influential left-wing politicians of all time. He influence within British political discourse will be sorely missed.

Politicians love talking with three statements. So, in the spirit of politics, and out of tribute for Tony Benn, these three classic Tony Benn quotes immediately show off his greatness, and why his words were so important to so many people:-

“If we can find the money to kill people, we can find the money to help people.”

“We are not just here to manage capitalism but to change society and to define its finer values.”

In the course of my life I have developed five little democratic questions. If one meets a powerful person…ask them five questions: “What power have you got? Where did you get it from? In whose interests do you exercise it? To whom are you accountable? And how can we get rid of you?” If you cannot get rid of the people who govern you, you do not live in a democratic system.”

Quite, Tony. Quite.

Tony Benn: 1925-2014. R.I.P

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