#871: 2002, Sugababes, Freak Like Me

by Jackie_South on March 30, 2014

Perhaps a little surprisingly, not our first Sugababes song here at Songs to Learn and Sing. However, it is to my mind the best thing they did, and Ray North’s recent posting of Are Friends Electric? has inspired this pick, given its extensive sampling of the Tubeway Army’s masterpiece.

It seems strange that this is now twelve years ago: this was the first song of the first, and most successful, reincarnation of the Sugababes after the departure of Siobhan Donaghy. They famously went on to do the full Trigger’s Broom by getting to the point when they had changed the line-up of the trio three times so that none of the original members were left. Leaving the original trio to form Mutya Keisha Siobhan who are due to release their “debut” album (does it really count as a debut?) this year.

The song was not just a cannabalising of Numan’s work , but mashing it up with Adina Harris 1995 song Freak Like Me, along with some sampling from the 80’s classic videogame Frogger. So, in a way this is a bit of a Trigger’s Broom too: a brush-head from here, a broom handle from there put together. But whilst derivative, it does it so well.

But it has planted its own seeds too: am I alone in seeing the roots of much of vampire chic, from Twilight to True Blood to Only Lovers Left Alive in the video?

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