Week 8: Prat – Chris Moyles

by Ray_North on February 23, 2014

prat_iconThis week’s winner of the coveted Prat of the Week award is the Radio 1 DJ, Chris Moyles.

Perhaps the only surprising thing about Chris Moyles triumphant clinching of the Allthatsleft Prat of the Week Award, is that it has taken so long for him to win it.

He is a Prat of the first order. A rather cynical and laboured broadcaster – who thinks that he is far funnier than he actually is. I have to say that his sneering style coincided with my own move away from Radio 1, though I concede that that might also have something to do with the natural passage of time.

One thing that Moyles always seems to go on about though is wealth – he likes to give the impression of being a man with wealth and status. Which is why it is really quite amusing to hear that he has been masquerading as a used car salesman in an attempt to avoid paying income tax. His scam went a bit like this – he filed his tax return and claimed that he had also worked as a second hand car salesman, a role in which he had lost £1m – which when you think about it, is absolutely ludicrous – I mean how many Ford Fiestas with a bit of mileage but full service history, would you have to lose out on, to incur a loss of that magnitude.

HMRC ruled that his scam was unlawful and the tax appeal tribunal upheld their decision, saying that it was impossible to conclude that this was a trade pursued for profit. In short, it was a scam.

He is not the only one, sadly, we are becoming a nation of tax avoiders and evaders, we are becoming increasingly greedy and moving further and further away from being a nation where we look after each other and support those who don’t have much. And it is the rich and famous who are often leading the way.

I’m glad they’ve got Chris Moyles, he’s a prize prat, I hope that they get the others as well.

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Tincks February 23, 2014 at 8:19 pm

As soon as I saw this in the news I thought “that’s Pratt of the Week sewn up”.

It has always been an absolutely mystery to me how this guy manages to get his grubby little hands on so much licence payers money. An absolutely talentless nitwit


Ray_North February 24, 2014 at 8:41 am

Completely agree Tincks – and can i say how much the team enjoyed your use of the word ‘nitwit’ – much underused in our opinion!


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