Week 7: Villain – The Daily Mail

by Ray_North on February 16, 2014

villain_2_iconThis week’s villains are the Daily Mail.

It must be hard being the Daily Mail – all that hate, all that disdain, all that negativity; the constant insecurity brought on by being fucking scared of anything that doesn’t tally with a particular world view.

To most of us it would be like one of those nightmares where you are walking through a series of doors and behind each one is something that is unknown, something that is scary. The only good thing about those nightmares is that you wake up.

For the Daily Mail, there is no waking up – there is always another door, there is always something else to be scared of.

Let’s not beat around the bush, let’s nail our colours to the mast – there is more than a whiff of xenophobia and racism that surrounds the Daily Mail – perhaps it has always been the case since the days of Beaverbrook. The Daily Mail thinks that people who are impoverished in third world countries have probably brought it on themselves – after all they are savages. They don’t like the fact that we give 70p per £100 of government spending to third world countries by way of the foreign aid budget. They think that that money would be better spent on just about anything else other than the poor and the ill, and the homeless and the oppressed and the ignorant, many of whom have had their condition forced upon them by the failures of an imperialism that has long been discredited, a cold war that really had nothing to do with them, or a global capitalism that one day, I predict people will question in the same way that we, today, question the rush for Africa of the 19th Century.

This week the Daily Mail has taken it’s campaign against the foreign aid budget to a new level – it has started a petition aimed at scrapping the foreign aid budget and diverting the funds to help those who have been effected by the floods.

Now, we on these pages have got nothing against the idea of the state assisting those whose lives have been destroyed by the floods – far from it, but the Mail’s campaign to divert money from foreign aid, has got nothing to with improving the ability of the state to help flood victims, nor does it have any merit whatsoever in the ongoing debate about how best to assist those in third world countries – it has everything to do with the Daily Mail’s misconceived perceptions of foreign aid, and, indeed, foreigners (particularly those who have a different coloured skin to ‘us’).

I make no apologies for hating everything about the Daily Mail – and for this, horrible villainous little campaign, they win our award for this week vilest of the vile.

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