A Short Piece About The Lib-Dems

by Ray_North on February 17, 2014

cameron-and-cleggMy colleague Charlie East-West has just written a piece about Clegg’s apparent act of prostitution following his comments about the possibility of a Lib-Dem/Labour coalition.

The frustrating thing is that Clegg’s words seem, like so much else this man seems to do, to be made up on the hoof, in an attempt to answer any question in the least offensive way – in short, he hasn’t a clue what he’s doing.

Now. Here’s a list of the Lib-Dem performance in the last five English Parliamentary By-Elections:


Lib-Dems 4.9% of the vote (lost deposit) – vote reduced by 17.4% from the last general election



Lib-Dems 2.10% of the vote (lost deposit, finish behind BNP, English Dems and Independent) – vote reduced by 13.98% from 2010



Lib -Dems hold the seat polling 32.06% of the vote, but see their vote reduced by 14.5% since 2010


South Shields 

Lib-Dems poll 1.42% of the vote (behind BNP and TISP) and see their vote reduced by 12.8% from 2010


Manchester Central

Lib-Dems  poll 9.44% of the vote and see their vote reduced by 17.2% since 2010.


This is, to use a football term, relegation form. And, though we are loathe to say, we told you so, well, WE TOLD YOU SO.

What Nick Clegg, and amazingly, given that they were always a party that was quite savvy about it’s position within the spectrum of British Politics, or any of their Parliamentary Party or leadership, seemed to realise was that by supporting an ideologically based Tory Party to wreak the ideological damage upon the nation – they would be punished by the voters. The evidence is there – in the last five by-elections (and pretty much all the others), the Lib-Dems have performed disastrously.

Yet, still no coup. Still no change of direction. Still no admission of failure. Nothing. The Leadership still cling on to this view that if the economic indicators are good then the country will thank them. Well, there is more to life than economic indicators, there is, in fact real life, and sadly, the Lib-Dems and Clegg in particular have managed to estrange themselves quite spectacularly from real life and real people, and as anyone who knows anything about politics will tell you – as soon as you do that, you risk political catastrophe.


We did tell you.



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John Dunn February 17, 2014 at 3:58 pm

Clegg is the Mr Bean of politics, and I’m amazed how few, have noticed the Dunning Kruger effect, that is embedded in his every move.


Charlie_East_West February 17, 2014 at 5:13 pm

John – I have lived my entire life in accordance to the Dunning Kruger effect!


John Dunn February 17, 2014 at 8:13 pm

Here’s the rub with the Dunning Kruger effect. At its core, it suggests someone who is too stupid to be cognitively aware that they are stupid. So anyone who ‘thinks’ they may suffer from Dunning Kruger, are very likely to be ‘too cognitively aware’, for that to be the case.


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