#848: 1994, Oasis, Supersonic

by Jackie_South on February 6, 2014

Whilst we have featured six songs by Blur to date here at Songs To Learn and Sing, we have had only one by their great Britpop rivals Oasis. How come?

Well, Oasis’ good stuff was pretty much limited to two albums and Blur‘s quality output lasted much longer and was far more varied. But go back to the era of the great (if manufactured) rivalry of the two as they tussled to get number one on the charts and most of us here at AllThatsLeft were probably rooting for the Mancs. And when (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? outsold The Great Escape, it seemed a fair verdict.

In my humble opinion, though, it was Oasis’ debut album, Definitely Maybe, that was their highpoint. Yes, they may have aped The Beatles (this video has its own rooftop performance and the guitar borrows from My Sweet Lord) but they did it brilliantly.

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