Ten things that didn’t make the Lib-Dems angry, and one thing that did……

by Ray_North on January 21, 2014

images-1The Lib Dems did not get particularly cross when their leadership decided to completely ditch their promise to end Student Fees.

The Lib-Dems decided to grin and bear it when their utterly incompetent leaders managed to catastrophically mess up the referendum for electoral reform.

The Lib-Dems sat back and said nothing when their government implemented many billions of pounds of cuts to public expenditure.

The Lib-Dems sucked it up and allowed it to happen when their Government introduced cuts to the benefits system and implemented the totally regressive bedroom tax.

The Lib-Dems stood back and allowed it to happen without so much as a murmur when David Cameron announced the plans to remove the green taxes.

The Lib-Dems did not throw their toys out of the cot when Michael Gove continued to allow the unfair and incompetent Free Schools.

The Lib-Dems snarled quietly, then rolled over when the Government introduced reforms to the NHS to make it rife for further privatisation.

The Lib-Dems did not seem to mind too much when plans to reform the House of Lords hit the buffers in the midst of a political cock up.

The Lib-Dems have been generally Ok with the massive cuts to local authority expenditure that has led to many councils having to implement swingeing cuts to the services that they provide.

The Lib-Dems did not bat an eyelid when their poll ratings plummeted and they lost thousands of councillors in local elections.


The Lib-Dems got very cross, in fact the Lib-Dems got massively eye-swivellingly, grenade throwingly angry, when they couldn’t decide if their former Chief Executive should or shouldn’t apologise for behaviour that ‘violated the personal space and autonomy,’ of a number of women.

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matthew d January 21, 2014 at 9:53 am

I’m a libdem, and I’m not angry


Charlie_East_West January 21, 2014 at 12:43 pm

Nothing puts fire in the belly of a Lib Dem as much as a whiff of an internal scandal and individual scapegoating.


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