#841: 2013, John Grant, You Don’t Have To

by George_East on January 22, 2014

Tonight’s song originally posed me with a problem, which was that it has fallen on me to bring the ‘fuck’ theme week to a conclusion, but as my first post since I finally concluded my top 50 albums of 2013, it is traditional for me to post a song from the winning album.

I was pondering what to do about it, when Jackie South solved the problem for me with his posting of the PistolsBodies.   ‘Fuck’ week doesn’t necessarily have to be about songs with ‘fuck’ in their titles, but can be a song that uses the word in its lyrics.     Job done. Solved.  Then I remembered that I had already posted the most obvious song from John Grant’s magnificent second album, Pale Green Ghosts, that uses the fuck word:  I Hate This Town

However, luckily that fantastic song about living in a town that is just a little too small to avoid someone you’ve broken up with ( I hate this fucking town’) indeed was not the only option.    Although it is not used as obviously  in You Don’t Have To, it is used with John Grant’s trademark black humour, as he forensically and bitterly looks back on a relationship that was based on delusional bullshit.

Remember walking hand in hand side by side?

We walked the dogs and took long strolls to the park–

Except we never had dogs

And never went to the park.


Remember how we used to fuck all night long?

Neither do I because I always passed out.

I needed lots of the booze

To handle the pain.’


I give you John Grant.  Winner of my Album of the Year Award for his brilliantly innovative, emotionally honest and incredibly rich album, Pale Green Ghosts –  the second time he has won this accolade in four years.

Take it away, John….


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Robin Thorpe January 23, 2014 at 3:34 pm

On the subject of Fuck Week just thought I’d share this song that I have just been listening to on the Bloodshot Records Sampler – I wany My Mojo Back, by Scott H. Biram.
motherfucking mojo back indeed.

Keep up the good work


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