#837: 2013, Drenge, Fuckabout

by George_East on January 14, 2014

I know you are all waiting with anticipation for my top 10 albums of the year list.  Of course, you are. All will be unveiled very soon.  I promise.  Hopefully, tomorrow.

But in the meantime to whet your appetite here is a track from my No 22 album of the year, the eponymous debut of one of the finest new British bands around, Tom Watson’s favourite’s Drenge.  It is also the latest entry and the half way point in ‘fuck’ week.

This is a song which self-consciously doesn’t take itself too seriously:

This song is a fuckabout

Not one to write home about’

It is kind of an inverse of the Palma Violets‘ Brand New Song with its ‘we’ve got a brand new song, it’s gonna be a number one’ line.  It is though a slower less noisey and grungey than many of the other songs on the album and maybe the one, language aside, that would have been most likely to have been, say, the second single back in the day when that kind of thing mattered.  So maybe not as much of a ‘fuckabout’ as the band would have you believe.

It is also blessed with one of my favourite couplets of any song released in 2013:

when I put the kettle on

You put heavy metal on’



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