Week 52: Prat – David Cameron

by Jackie_South on December 30, 2013

drowning_pratOur final Prat of the Week award goes to Prime Minister, David Cameron

With much of the country left in chaos by the wind and rain, David Cameron thought to himself “My, what a good opportunity to show I care! I’ll pop down to Kent to show a bit of support. Jolly good chaps in Kent – they’ll love me for it!”

So on Friday, he appears at Yalding, where Christmas was ruined for many as the river banks broke on Christmas Eve. A hundred homes were flooded and many more lost electricity and had people left stranded.

It soon became clear that many in Yalding were less than pleased to see the Prime Minister wandering their streets, scratching his chin, and offering helpful advice such as “get on to the council” and “get some skips”.

Hang on a minute, Dave? Aren’t you the one who is meant to be running the country or something? Why the fuck can’t YOU pull a few strings to sort things out? When people are telling you that the council isn’t answering the phones because they are closed for Christmas, surely you, as Prime fucking Minister of the country, could do something to get things moving?

No, instead you seem to think it is none of your business. After all, you didn’t turn up to help or anything, just for the photo.

It might be worth comparing yourself to your predecessor – for all the derision put on him, Gordon Brown was pretty good in a crisis, as the far larger floods of July 2007 showed.

Instead, you seem to have adopted the hapless and hopeless pose of George W Bush in the wake of Katrina, just shrugging your shoulders.

Yalding residents like Erica Olivares quite rightly put Cameron in his place.

But just in case he hasn’t got the message, here is the verdict from All That’s Left: Prime Minister, with all due respect, this week you showed yourself up as a totally useless fuckwit.

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