Week 52: Hero – Erica Olivares

by George_East on December 29, 2013

hero_icon2The final Hero of the Week Award for 2013 goes to Erica Olivares for speaking truth to power and ruining David Cameron’s photo opportunity

The Christmas period has seen some dreadful weather – heavy rain, high winds.   This has resulted in flooding and transport chaos.

On my way back to the in-laws on Christmas Eve on one of the few trains in the south east still running there were people in tears not knowing how they were going to get back to their loved ones for Christmas.    Many homes were without electricity for the whole Christmas period.

A lot of workers and volunteers have been doing the best they can, missing their own Christmases to assist, but it is the kind of crisis that needs some national leadership to ensure that heads are banged together and people affected are helped the best they can.

Instead we got the usual empty PR stunt from our empty PR stunt of a Prime Minster, David Cameron, swooping into some poor unfortunate Kent town with a full entourage to look like he was doing something for the telly.

Fortunately there were some people just too angry at being left to fend for themselves to leave Cameron to do that frowny serious look for the news cameras  he likes doing in a crisis because he thinks it makes him look statesmanlike.

Formeost amongst those was Erica Olivares who frankly had just had enough.   She stormed over to Cameron and gave him a piece of her mind, demanding to know why she had had no power at all over Christmas (more evidence of the wonders of privatised utility companies, no doubt).   Cameron looked like a rabbit in headlights, as his envisaged great PR moment when he was to look all leadery  turned into a PR shambles.

Erica Olivares joins a long line of ordinary women who have been willing to speak their mind to politicians chasing PR moments,  think Sharron Storer confronting Tony Blair in the 2001 election over the NHS or Diana Gould challenging Margaret Thatcher over the sinking of the General Belgrano.

All power to them.  All power to Erica Olivares.   She is this week’s hero.

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