Week 47: Prat – The Rev. Paul Flowers

by Ray_North on November 25, 2013

prat_iconThis Week’s Prat of the Week is the Rev. Paul Flowers, former Chairman of the Co-Op Bank.

And let us make one thing abundantly clear, Mr Flowers, has won this award without any thanks whatsoever to Ed Miliband or the Labour Party, his glorious display of Pratness is all his own work.

And what a display. First class, indeed, some might suggest that Mr Flowers clearly needs to leave old Blighty forthwith and make his way to the USA where this kind of behaviour is de-rigeur for most potential applicants for high political office.

So, who exactly is he?

Well, he is a 63 year old methodist minister, who appears to have some vague banking qualification, and was also a Labour Councillor on Rochdale Council; and, armed with this, he managed to rise through the ranks and become the Chairman of the Co-Op Bank in 2010. After that his career has nosedived from one calamitous episode to another.

As a banker, he has proved particularly shit – managing to oversee a shortfall in Capital of £1.5bn, something that could end up destroying the Co-Op bank. For this incompetence he left his job with Co-Op, but despite falling on his sword, his was a story that refused to die.

In the last week, the Daily Mail published film-footage of Flowers paying for drugs just a couple of days after his rather disastrous appearance before the House of Commons Finance Select Committee; which, clearly affected Mr Flowers, because on that very day, he sent a text message to his mates saying that he had the Ket and was now planning, ‘a two day, drug fuelled gay orgy!!!’ – which is clearly one way of getting over a grilling at the hands of Margaret Hodge.

Further lurid details have developed over the week including allegations of him using rent-boys, fiddling expenses and hypocritically supporting a drug charity whilst clearly indulging in a significant way in as many varied drugs as he could.

So why is he a Prat?

Well, three reasons really – first, he’s a prat because he was supposed to be running a massive bank upon which many hundred of thousands of people rely; second, because he was portraying himself as a moral man when, there is more than a hint that he was using drugs to impress and seduce younger men; and third, he’s a prat because he was so arrogant he didn’t even take enough care to ensure that he wasn’t about to be the victim of a media sting.

As I said, a worthy winner.

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Fionauk512 November 25, 2013 at 5:08 pm

I would add that he’s also a prat because he has gifted the Tories a press baton to beat Milliband with, just when we were seeing some discomfort on the governments part. Arse!


George_East November 25, 2013 at 10:16 pm

Fiona – you are right about that though my suspicion is that no mud will stick on this one. Ed Miliband crack dealer is just silly.


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