Week 47: Hero – Paul Heaton

by Jackie_South on November 25, 2013

Yorkshire_heroThis week, our award for the greatest hero of the last seven days goes to musician-turned-publican Paul Heaton

As if running the most right-wing government since WW2 wasn’t enough, ‘Dave’ Cameron’s continual attempts to look cool really set my teeth at edge. His professed love of The Smiths, The Eton Rifles, Gillian Welch and First Aid Kit doesn’t endear him to me, it just makes me hate him that little bit more.

I’m not alone in that: Johnny Marr, Morrissey and Paul Weller have all shown their displeasure at gaining their unwished for fan. But Paul Heaton, late of The Housemartins and The Beautiful South, has gone further still than Marr, Morrissey or Weller in his condemnation.

On Wednesday, The Housemartins’ home city of Hull was announced as the 2017 City of Culture, and at PMQ’s, Cameron name-dropped them “I remember, some years ago that great Housemartins’ album which was ‘London 0 Hull 4’.”

Heaton, who now runs a pub in Salford, was incensed: he wrote on the pub’s Facebook page “David Cameron, you fucking imbecile. You might think The Housemartins are great but you are BARRED for life from The Kings Arms. SCUM.”

He then said he would also refuse entry to Osborne, Sting, Phil Collins and Jeremy Clarkson, before turning to Twitter to rain more vitriol on the Prime Minister’s head: “Well, apparently David Cameron likes London 0 Hull 4. Which part of the attack on his policies and rich friends did he like best???”, and then “I can’t stop Cameron liking one of my albums, but who can stop him & his mates destroying the NHS?”

Fantastic stuff, although some did not agree. Back on Facebook, someone criticised him for banning someone he had never met.

Heaton replied “You don’t need to tread in dogshit to know it stinks.”

Mr Heaton, for a peerless take down of Cameron, we salute you!

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Eddie Kaye November 25, 2013 at 9:47 am

He could kindly cease and desist from grabbing the nearest available cricket bat (or ball) everytime someone points a camera at him whilst his sleeves are rolled down! Cricket is far more important than a cheap photo opportunity.


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