Songs To Learn and Sing Golden Years #11: 2013

by George_East on November 19, 2013

With the posting by Charlie East-West of Prefab Sprout’sThe Old Magiciana week or so ago 2013 became the 11th year to have had 20 Songs To Learn and Sing Posted (following in the wake of 1967,1969, 1980, 1977, 2011, 1979, 2012, 1978, 1981 and 2008).   It has since moved on to 21 songs with Go Gentleby Robbie Williams (!). 

2013 has been a somewhat curious year politically.  The right have had a spring in their step at least since Easter with the return of modest growth.   George Osborne has been laughably hailed as a genius.   Of course if you turn the motor on, the car is more likely to move forwards.  In this case Osborne’s Help to Buy scheme is precisely that:  but he using a dangerous kind of fuel, prone to  overheating the engine and causing crashes.   What has been forgotten is that it was Osborne who turned the engine off in 2010 when the motor was beginning to tick over nicely.  

The interesting thing though has been that after a summer, where the Labour Party appeared to shut down and opinion polls started to narrow, we have had since the Labour Party Conference a renewed spring in the opposition’s step.   The Tories seem to be positively bewildered that the momentum over the last couple of months has been with Ed Miliband and not David Cameron (read the hilarious column by Benedict Brogan in today’s Telegraph in which he really appears not to understand why it is the Tories aren’t 20 points ahead).   What of course they have missed completely is that the growth that there has been has done little to affect the economic position of the vast majority of the population, who continue to face a decline in living standards as a result of falling real wages.   Things are nicely set up for the political battle ahead.

As with the other two full calendar years Allthatsleft has been operating it is not surprising that there have been a lot of songs posted from the current year.  We have, after all, at least got to pretend we are down with the kinds.  2013 has I think been a pretty good year for music, with plenty of good albums.  We are about to enter the period of best of 2013 lists and I will (as is traditional) be publishing my own top 10 around about New Year’s Day.   

Our first 20 songs from 2013 are, in the order of their posting:

  1. #610: David Bowie, Where Are We Now?
  2. #619: Mathew E White, Big Love;
  3. #643: Caitlin Rose, No One To Call;
  4. #644: John Grant, GMF;
  5. #655: Lana Del Rey, Chelsea Hotel No 2;
  6. #670: Dropkick Murphys, The Boys Are Back;
  7. #679: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Being In Trouble;
  8. #681: Daughter, Get Lucky;
  9. #686: Vampire Weekend, Step;
  10. #690: Chris Hadfield, Space Oddity;
  11. #692: John Grant, I Hate This Town;
  12. #725: Kurt Vile, Wakin’ On A Pretty Day;
  13. #750: Georgia Ruth, Week of Pines;
  14. #756: Caitlin Rose, Dallas;
  15. #757: Arcade Fire, Reflektor;
  16. #760: Joanna Gruesome, Sugarcrush;
  17. #769: Arcade Fire, Here Comes The Night Time;
  18. #781: Goldfrapp, Annabel;
  19. #782: Kacey Musgraves, Merry Go Round;
  20. #790: Prefab Sprout, The Old Magician.


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