#806: 1978, Herman Brood, Saturday Night

by Charlie_East_West on November 23, 2013

Welcome to the next edition in our theme week of songs with the relevant day of the week in the title.

It’s Saturday night. It is a night to saviour. It is a night to get up to lots of very bad things.

Proper drinking is a young man’s game. From the ages of 15-32, Saturday night was the big night. The go-to day of the week to meet up with a bunch of interesting people, get some alcohol down my throat, and create a few lifelong anecdotes. However, since I have become a father, my Saturday evenings are largely more refined in their function and form. But, whenever the babysitter is arranged, or we open up the doors of East-West towers for a few friendly faces – then just watch me fly. I can still party with the best of them (in my own poor and deluded mind).

My song of choice for tonight comes from a madman from the Netherlands – Herman Brood, and his most famous song – Saturday Night. He is a man who probably thought that every night was a Saturday night.

Herman Brood was the Ray North of his time. A singer, poet, painter, writer, shagger and general world class vagabond. He has been dubbed, “the Netherlands’ greatest and only rock and roll star.” – he was a man who clearly knew his way around a Saturday Night. It is only fitting that on a Saturday night he gets his place in the Songs To Learn And Sing pantheon.

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