#805: 2006, Bonnie Prince Billy, Big Friday

by George_East on November 22, 2013

After Jackie South’s unexpected gem from Donovan for his Thursday post yesterday in our days of the week theme week here at Songs To Learn and Sing, I thought I’d return the favour, rather than going for anything obvious like the Easybeats or The Cure.

This beautiful song comes from Bonnie Prince Billy’s wonderful 2006 album, The Letting Go, which was also responsible for one of the readings at my wedding back in the summer. For my money along with I See A Darkness it is his best album.

This is not the soul bearing Will Oldham of so much of his work, but rather Will Oldham the romantic, utterly and completely in love.  It is an ode to a relationship that has survived the most traumatic of times.

When tidal wave hit and our house was in splinters

I thought you had took all you had to take

But you snuggled to me on the ground in the winter

And your breath smelled like honey in the frosty air wake’


All over a gorgeous intricately plucked guitar (shades yet again of Nick Drake) and with sublime backing vocals from sometime Oldham collaborator, Dawn McCarthy.

I have no idea what was Big about that particular Friday that inspired this song but whatever it was it sure cut through to Will’s very core.

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