#794: 2012, Kristina Train, Dark Black

by Charlie_East_West on November 11, 2013

I love it when I accidentally stumble across a wonderful new song.

An example of this occurred last year when I was half-cut after a party and half heartedly watching Later with Jools Holland. As I was about to start dozing on the sofa, a singer by the name of Kristina Train started singing a song called Dark Black. By the end of her performance I had to get a shovel to pick up my jaw from the floor.

This is a woman who is blessed with an absolutely belting voice that also excudes a completely authentic grief stricken depth. She sings like she really fucking means it. She sounds like a modern day version of Dusty Springfield.

Listen to the song and prepare yourself to be hit hard by a thing of real beauty.

Kristina Train deserves to be a huge star. This song (the title track from her 2012 album Dark Black) proves my point…

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