Week 43: Prat – Grant Shapps

by Charlie_East_West on October 27, 2013

prat_iconThis week’s prat award goes to Conservative party chairman, Grant Shapps for saying that the BBC could face a cut in the TV licence fee or have to share it with other broadcasters unless it rebuilds public trust.

Grant Shapps stated that the BBC must become “more transparent” and change its “culture of secrecy“. Seriously – Grant Shapps actually said this. Seriously – he did.

Grant Shapps accusing the BBC of having transparency and secrecy issues is a bit like George Osborne accusing Lord Brocket of being self entitled and having too much inherited wealth.

Grant Shapps, alias, Michael Green (his moniker that was used through his website business) is hardly an example of Mr Transparency. A website based business founded by Shapps was investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority after complaints that it “misleadingly implied” that the Tory chairman’s alter ego was a real person. Shapps has also not exactly been forthcoming to disclose full details about his business dealings – including providing any tangible sources of evidence for the actual existence of many people who provided testimonials which helped promote Shapps’ website products.

No wonder that Grant Shapps is threatening to cut the BBC licence fee. He has probably realised that with all those alter ego identities he will have to buy several TV licences each year.

The other less than transparent aspect to Grant Shapps’ threat to the BBC today is what it means for the BBC under the auspices of any current or future Conservative government. The Tories hate the BBC, and would love to get their grubby little corporate lickspittle paws on yet another public service goldmine – rich with potential nuggets ready for privatisation.

I have a great fear that if the Tories win in 2015, the current fire sale of the Royal Mail may well be replicated with wild asset stripping of the BBC in 2016.

The Tories are just a bunch of public sector venture capitalists. As seen with the Royal Mail, NHS, state education and local authority controlled public services, the Tories are like vultures circling around the BBC looking for a weakness before swooping down to gorge themselves on more privatisation.

Grant Shapps is simply developing this Tory-led agenda laden negative narrative against the BBC. But, it is somewhat ironic that he is the one to raise questions about the BBC’s transparency and culture of secrecy.

Grant Shapps is just another Tory prat who practises not what he preaches. In his world, it is a case of “do as I say, not as I do.” – a worthy winner of this week’s prat award.

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