#787: 1972, Lou Reed, Hangin’ Round

by Jackie_South on October 30, 2013

Following on from Ray a couple of days ago, and my piece on The Velvet Underground & Nico, it is my turn to post a song to mark the passing of Lou Reed.

I ummed and arred, but after writing about the dark side of the Velvet Underground, I decided I wanted a Reed solo song that showcased his wry wit and skill at telling a story.

Hangin’ Round does this brilliantly, with its chorus taking the mick out of his obsessive fans:

Woh-woh-woh, you keep hangin’ round me
and I’m not so glad you found me
You’re still doing things that I gave up years ago

Like Run Run Run and Walk On The Wild Side, it tells the tale of a number of (presumably real life) individuals, putting each down in turn with waspish, venomous humour.

Take, for instance, Jeanie, who doesn’t quite appeared to have worked out which way Reed was swinging at the time:

Jeanie was a spoiled young brat
she thought she knew it all
She smoked mentholated cigarettes
and she had sex in the hall

But she was not my kind
or even of my side
The kind of animal
that I would be about

And that mention of mentholated cigarettes? A possible inspiration for that line in The Clash’s Stay Free?

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