Memo to the Blairites and Brownites: Shut The Fuck Up

by George_East on September 20, 2013

Blair_BrownOver the last few months I have become more and more depressed with the state of British politics and the quality of political debate to the extent that I had resolved not to write about it for a bit, and  concentrate instead on more international things.

We have had the utterly bizarre spectacle of the government (in both its blue and yellow forms) declaring vindication for austerity as a result of a couple of quarters of growth,  despite 3 years of tumbleweeds blowing through the economy as a direct result of their policy decisions.  Though the Labour Party, for some reason, seem to be too shy to mention it, remember the Coalition inherited a growing economy, which they then promptly brought to a grinding halt.   The glorious vindication has of course been pretty much swallowed wholesale by an analysis-free British media, even extraordinarily the Financial Times (an indication perhaps of how badly they are missing the great Martin Wolf, who is currently on sabbatical).

We have had the equally bizarre spectacle of Labour deciding to accept Tory spending plans and thereby concede the political (as well as economic) debate on the issue – it is no coincidence I think that this crazy decision also marks the beginning of Labour’s long summer slide in the polls.  The last two Yougov daily polls showing Labour level with the Tories and only one point ahead.  It is very hard to get excited by a party promising more of the same.

But then I think what this country is going to face if there is a Tory victory in 2015 or even if the Tories end up as the largest party, now that Nick Clegg has made it abundantly clear that the continuation of his mini-me political alliance with Cameron’s Conservatives is his desired outcome.  There will be profit-making schools, as the first step to vouchers and then wholesale privatisation of the school system, there will be the repeal of the Human Rights Act, there will be the further emasculation of employment rights at work (don’t think they’ve forgotten about Beecroft), there will be co-payments in the NHS leading to its final destruction.    If anyone thinks that the Lib Dems will stop or even ameliorate any of this, they really haven’t been paying attention.

So for me the primary objective of 2015 is to prevent this from happening.   And that means that Labour has to go into that election as a viable electoral force as it really is the only political entity capable of stopping this from happening.  As I have said before the overall numbers favour Labour, despite Ed Miliband’s dreadful personal ratings.   This year’s conference is important as it will set the tone for the final full year of this parliament.    Anyone who wishes to see the end of this government and to prevent the final end of the 1945 settlement has therefore to wish Ed Miliband and Labour well over the next 7 days, whatever their weaknesses they are realistically all that we have.

Yet what do we find happening on the eve of the Labour Party conference – a full scale revival of the Brown/Blair civil war being re-enacted by some of the major players from that era.  It was all pretty unedifying then, but to watch it happen again now, deliberately timed to coincide with the start of the Labour Party conference, is taking self-indulgent ego-wanking to Olympic levels.    Damian McBride taking the Mail’s shilling, Wegg-Prosser (who works for Mandelson still) releasing damaging emails to the Guardian to get the Blairites’ side of the story in first, Alistair Campbell going nuclear on Twitter against McBride – all of it makes me fucking angry and deeply depressed.

So I have this message to all of them.  This really is not about you, you bunch of arseholes.   It is about what is being done to the country by the most right wing government since the 1920s. It is about the destruction of the welfare state and the demonisation of the weakest in our society for political advantage.   If any of  you had any shame you would have left all of this until after 2015.  If you had any class you would not be doing this on the eve of the Labour Party conference after Ed Miliband has had a difficult summer and the media vultures are swirling.   You should all shut the fuck up.

Having got that off my chest, I am going back to foreign.

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Jackie_South September 20, 2013 at 11:42 am

Part of all this is the careerism endemic in both camps.

Now that the bit part players on both camps are unlikely to be stomping the corridors of power anytime soon, they are all seeking to cash in someway with their memoirs. It shows that for them, it was always about self-advance,net and never about the party or the people it represents.

Hero of the Week award on offer to the first person at Labour conference to trash the bookstalls selling this crap!


George_East September 20, 2013 at 11:44 am

The thing is that is not just the bit part players, unless you count Alistair Campbell as a bit part player. He escalated the thing to nuclear levels on the Twitter yesterday, all of which was immediately turned into stories by the press. Also what are the chances that Wegg-Prosser acted without the Prince of Darkness being involved somehow?

Deeply depressing.


Jackie_South September 20, 2013 at 11:58 am

Campbell’s Achilles Heel has always been his short fuse – I’m guessing the McBride stuff pushed his buttons. He ought to have taken a big breath and not responded.


George_East September 20, 2013 at 11:59 am

I completely agree with that – he went absolutely apeshit nuts last night about it, to his shame.


Charlie_East_West September 20, 2013 at 12:17 pm

I completely agree with every comment here. There is only one thing worse than a selfish careerist politician, and that is a selfish over-the-hill careerist politician.


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