#769: 2013, Arcade Fire, Here Comes the Night Time

by Charlie_East_West on September 30, 2013

Earlier this month I posted the first single to be released from Arcade Fire’s new album. Reflektor. In my humble opinion, it is one of the most brilliantly creative songs I have heard in years. It also came with two videos, one of which allowed people to interact through their webcam on their computer. The whole package felt way ahead of its time.

Now we have this. Arcade Fire have just released the second song and video from their new album. It is called Here Comes the Night Time. At the end of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, host Tina Fey told the viewers to keep on watching, because guests Arcade Fire were going to throw a late-night party, and she stated that,it’s about to get weird!”

No shit, Tina, it got brilliantly weird. What followed was 30 minutes of three of never-before-heard songs taken from Arcade Fire’s upcoming Reflektor album, all wrapped around a live performance, walking off the stage, leading a massive conga out onto the streets of Montreal and into the city’s Salsatheque club – where they started to play. The whole process became a live video that was immediately released on social media and youtube.

It doesn’t end there. As well as playing Here Comes the Night Time, they also played new songs “We Exist” and “Normal Person” – Arcade Fire also managed to find room in the club for a bunch of celebrities including Bono and Ben Stiller, Rainn Wilson and James Franco – who all took different guises within the live video.

It still doesn’t end there. It also featured Michael Cera cameoed as a laced with irony, Spanish-speaking, Shakira and Mumford and Sons loving bartender, Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim in a mock low-budget commercial during the set, and Bill Hader and Zach Galifianakis Skyped in from outer space.

Jesus Pole Vaulting Christ, it still doesn’t end there. Arcade Fire played a selection of new songs that fly around the bloody moon in terms of genre and influence. They constantly reinvented their look across every performance – lurching from indie rockers, to alien pop stars and at one point looked like something out of Miami Vice.

The whole thing was utter madness. I want to go to that club. It looked like the Star Wars bar with a Haitian voodo vibe based in Montreal. It looked like the sort of place that you would take your life in your own hands if you entered into it.

It is completely and utterly brilliantly bonkers. I have absolutely no idea how they dreamt this up.

Anyway, I am gabbling now. You need to watch it to really understand what the hell I am talking about.

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