#764: 1969, Fairport Convention, Matty Groves

by George_East on September 23, 2013

Today brought the wonderful news that the godawful steaming excrescence that are Mumford and Sons are on an ‘indefinite hiatus’  from recording music.  This has sadly come two albums too late, but we must be grateful for small mercies. For the foreseeable future, at least, there will be no new ‘music’ from the Waitrose Wurzels (to be fair that nick name is an insult to the comedy Somerset yokels).

To celebrate this good news and to tie in with my Cine-East Film Club post this week, the folk music saturated, The Wicker Man, I thought it was about time Songs To Learn and Sing featured the greatest folk rock band of all: Fairport Convention, to remind us that despite the aural shit produced by Marcus Mumford and co, folk rock is far from always bad.

This song comes from Fairport Convention’s greatest album, Liege and Lief (which was itself hugely influenced by The Band’s seminal debut Music From Big Pink), and features Fairport’s finest line-up, including the sublime vocals of Sandy Denny, the best folk fiddle player of all in Dave Swarbrick and, of course, one of Britain’s finest guitarists in any style, Richard Thompson.

Matty Groves is a traditional English folk song that dates back to the seventeenth century.  It is a tale of love, lust, betrayal and death, as the titular Matty, a servant, is seduced into an affair by the Lady of the house, only to be discovered by the Lord and killed in a duel.

So fuck off long time Marcus.  The rest of us can now take our ear plugs out and listen to some proper music.

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Mike Killingworth September 24, 2013 at 5:14 pm

Oh my God – I swotted up for my Finals while listening to this.


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