#763: 1972, Slade, Mama Weer All Crazee Now

by Jackie_South on September 22, 2013

This afternoon, I went along with Mr and Mrs East to watch Rush, the film about the Grand Prix rivalry of James Hunt and Nikki Lauda. It’s a good film, well paced and engaging, even if it plays with the history a bit.  The facts of the 1976 Grand Prix are followed faithfully, but some of the early story less so: Hunt is seen as following the Hesketh team from Formula 3 onwards (in fact, he only joined them at Formula One) and more importantly the fact that Hunt and Lauda were once both team and flatmates was airbrushed out to hype up the rivalry.

But the Bohemian playboy lifestyle of Hunt is pretty spot on, and possibly under-stated: this is a man, after all, that used to take his pet Alsatian with him to eat in Mayfair restaurants (if he sounds a bit too hooray, he did to his credit donate generously to anti-apartheid groups).

The Seventies of Rush is a torrent of big hair, big lapelled unbuttoned shirts and endless booze’n’birds parties. One such scene has this song blasting in the background, Slade’s ode to bacchanalian excess: all whiskey and women:  “And you told me fool fire water won’t hurt me/ And you tease me and all my ladies desert me“.

Yes, the song is a bit Life On Mars and it might not pass muster nowadays (and neither would their spelling). But you can’t deny the joie de’ vivre. Cracking ending too.

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