Week 34: Prat – Ken Cuccinelli

by George_East on August 25, 2013

Virginia_PratThis Week’s Prat of the Week is Republican Candidate for Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia and that great state’s current Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli

We had some fun on this blog a couple of years back at the expense of the Republican candidate for Senate in Delaware in 2010, Christine O’Donnell who wanted to outlaw masturbation. The War on Wanking was not a great success.  O’Donnell ended up losing the race to virtual unknown Chris Coons (who ran after the expected candidate Beau Biden bottled the race) by 16%.

Well this year is an off-year in the American election cycle, but does see a handful of important races, including the governorships of Virginia and New Jersey, and an Senate special election in New Jersey.  I have little doubt that Jackie South will in his inimitable way provide some more detail on this as we get nearer election day, as ever, on the first Tuesday in November..

The Democratic Candidate is Terry McAuliffe, former Democratic National Committee Chair.  The Republican Candidate is Ken Cuccinelli,  the very right wing current Attorney General.    The race has been neck and neck throughout most of the year.   However, this has started to shift in the last month or so with polls beginning to sow McAuliffe edging ahead by a few points.   A Quinnipac poll last week had McAuliffe up by six.

Cuccinelli is obviously keen to re-enthuse the lunatic base.  His method, straight out of the O’Donnell playbook has been to declare war on sex. As Attorney General he is seeking through the Courts to reinstate a long struck down (by the US Supreme Court) state laws which ban consensual oral and anal sex between adults and has made his campaign to reinstate these laws the centre-piece of his campaign.

The law itself is written in wonderfully biblical prose – at once coy and technical, making it a criminal offence for ‘any person’ to ‘carnally know any male or female person by the anus or by or with the mouth’.    The consequence of breaching the law is a prison sentence and a lifetime on the sex offenders’ register.  

Now this would all  be seriously scary stuff if it had any chance at all of being upheld by the Courts.  If that were so, Cuccinelli would be up for a villain award rather than an award for his idiocy. It doesn’t, of course.  The Supreme Court in Lawrence v Texas ruled unconstitutional laws purporting to regulate private sexual acts between consenting adults.

Cucinnelli has sought to claim that it is all about a particular case involving the soliciting by a 47 year old man of oral sex from a 17 year old (the age of consent in Virginia is 15).   However, when the Virginia legislature sought to bring in a narrower version of the law which would only apply to those below 18 years old, it was Cuccinelli who acted to block it.   Also there is that tricky thing in the law as drafted, where it refers to ‘any person’.

So no one is swallowing this as an excuse.  The truth is an attempt to enthuse the lunatic religious right that forms the Republican Party base.    Cuccinelli has form on this, previously declaring that the campaign to outlaw abortion is the moral equivalent of the campaign to abolish slavery.

Fortunately his position has been met with pretty much universal ridicule across the media, as Ken’s War on Blow Jobs has not gone down well and Terry McAuliffe pushes further ahead.

The ongoing Republican campaign against Icky Non-Procreative Sex looks like it is going to be no more successful in Virginia than it was in Delaware.

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