Week 33: Villain – General Sisi of Egypt

by Jackie_South on August 18, 2013

Egyptian VillainThe head of the Egyptian security forces, General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, receives our award for greatest villain of the last week

This week, the bloodshed accelerated in Egypt. As supporters of deposed President Morsi held a ‘day of rage’ on Friday to protest (peacefully, in the main) the military coup led by Sisi in early July. Sisi responded with deadly force: at least 45 protesters were gunned down in Cairo, with more dying elsewhere in the country.

Finally, the west has woken up and threatened sanctions. Egypt has responded today by declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation to try and get international opinion on-side.

Here at All That’s Left, we have no time for the Muslim Brotherhood or Morsi or their aims. Morsi clearly made some massive blunders that prompted massive dissatisfaction: becoming increasingly authoritarian in the eyes of many, eroding the nation’s traditional secular values and doing nothing to protect persecuted religious minorities.

But as obnoxious as Morsi was, he was the legitimately elected president of the country. Overthrowing him was a reactionary act, even if it was removing a reactionary ruler. There is no democratic mandate for the current regime, and the military have suspended the country’s new constitution.

Responding to protests about that situation with deadly force, largely because it just made the country ‘look bad’ is indefensible. The Egyptian ‘Arab Spring’ overthrew a military dictator who did things like this, but Sisi has exceeded anything that Mubarak accomplished.

This is an occasion where democracy’s enemy’s enemy should not be regarded as a friend. Instead, Sisi is a true villain.

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