Week 33: Hero – Mo Farah

by George_East on August 18, 2013

hero_icon2This Week’s Hero of the Week is double Olympic and double World champion and all round good bloke, Mo Farah

There’s been some debate in the press this weekend about whether Mo Farah is now the greatest British athlete of all time.  He is now the reigning world and Olympic champion in both 5,000m and 10,000m after two stunning performances at the World Athletics Championships in Moscow in the last week.  The debate is a great one for the pub, but has the danger of all such debates of not comparing apples with apples.  For most of the time  the other challengers to his particular Crown were competing, Daley Thompson and Seb Coe, there was no World Championship – it only launched in 1983.

But putting that debate to one side, there can be absolutely no doubt that Mo Farah is the greatest distance runner these shores have ever produced, and that he an now stand in the august company of the true all time greats over 5,000m and 10,000m.

Mo Farah’s performances in Moscow, first over 10,000m and then over his preferred, 5,000m, were masterclasses in major championship running.  It was not about the times, but about winning.  In both races Mo controlled the time he hit the front and once he hit the front there was no chance of him being caught – this is, after all, a man who beat Steve Cram’s decades old 1,500m British record a month or so ago, as a bit of speed training.  It is not even an event he tries to compete in.   There is no one who can touch him over these distances.

To top it all, Mo seems to be the most down to earth lovely bloke imaginable.  He is a delight to listen to when he is interviewed and seemed to genuinely miss his daughters as a result of his training schedule.  It is hard not to love him.

There are still world records for him to go after – the godlike Kenensisa Bekele, after all, not only had both Olympic and world titles, but still holds world records at both 5.000m and 10,000m.  But even if he retired tomorrow, he has cemented his place in the pantheon: Paavo Numi, Emil Zatopek, Lasse Viren, Miruts Yifter, Haile Gabrselassie, Kenensisa Bekele, Mo Farah…

Oh and Cameron,  that knighthood that Mo should have had last year, is really looking a bit overdue now….


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